Pozzy enables the thousands of store managers, staff and casuals to intelligently engage with retail customers. Retail is in trouble, with global eCommerce, disparate IT systems and 90% of retail in physical stores, retailers have been forced to innovate. For the past 4 years, Pozzy has been working with large Australian retail groups to identify gaps in revenue performance relative to customer demand.

We’ve learnt that identifying gaps is the easy part, actioning insights throughout the business is the problem. By empowering staff through a gamified mobile/wearable platform, Pozzy ties real-time business strategy to individual performance.

Pozzy delivers: a new in-store experience for customers, a training platform, mobile commerce and individual performance optimisation.

Instead of investing in expensive infrastructure, Our SAAS POZZY Location Intelligence platform means that budgets can be put directly to business growth. Our focus is to GROW your revenue and SAVE you costs.

Join our global community of top retail groups and start making data-driven decisions today that are proven to attract, engage, and retain customers